8 Common Residential Heating Systems

There are secrets in every trade and business. I reveal some that we see in our HVAC business with the hope you can avoid one of these issues if they ever arise. I think most folks that do what we do are good and honest, but there are enough of the shiesty ones that give the rest a bad name.
So if you see one of these tactics performed in your home, you’ll know something is up or off with the HVAC technician you’ve welcomed into your home.

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0:07 Intro – Some HVAC techs hate me
1:31 Beginning of the 3 secrets
1:37 First Secret – Companies gouging because they’re busy
3:48 Second Secret – Batteries in thermostats to malfunction
6:44 Third Secret – Contractor lying about HVAC warranty coverage
8:37 Bring on the HVAC Haters
8:58 Wrap up: We’d love to earn your business!

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